Sonali Scholarship

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Every big or small firms today try and put social aspects to their objectives apart from looking at making money and high profits. And Bestlife Professional Education Pvt. Ltd. is no exception. But the only difference with this ‘Sonali Scholarship’ … Read More

Data Analysis

Why is Data Analysis one of the well-known success mantra of management? Well to put it in simple and straight forward it is the soul of the management process. It is data that drives the organisation’s decision, new initiatives and … Read More

The Key to Success – Grit

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This is one of the Ted Talks that I came across in 2014 while I was preparing a certification presentation as a Trainer in my job. This video since then has left me with thinking of every struggling child/individual be … Read More

Every Kid needs a champion

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Rita Pierson walks the talk as an educator since 40 years and calls the other educators to follow suit. She encourages for a deepened and more meaningful teacher – student relationship. She shares how rewarding her job as an educator … Read More

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