Economic Objectives are indispensable for existence and development of any business. However, social responsibilities are also a crucial aspect to ensure healthy and socially responsible organisation. Going by some of the best quotes: According to Henry Ford, “Service first and profit next should be the motto of every businessman”. According to Ruskin, “Service first and fee second”. According to F. E. L. Bresh, “Business has no meaning unless to serve and satisfy a customer at a profit”.
Our Policies and Objectives are also driven by its Corporate and Social Responsibilities (CSR). Some of the CSR activities that are undertaken by Bestlife includes:

  1. Digitisation of the digitally untouched North Eastern part of India through its various social projects;
  2. ‘Sonali Scholarship’ for higher education support for needy girl student aspiring a better future;
  3. Career Guidance Training Programs offered to help students at the cross-road of their career;
  4. Free Technology Workshops for NGOs and individuals associated with such organisations;

News and Events

Child Friendly Guwahati

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The year 2016 has been a good year with lots of corporate social activities and technical projects undertaken by Bestlife. One of the major step that Bestlife has taken is in the field of Digitisation of Non-Governmental-Organisations, Social Enterprises and … Read More

Sonali Scholarship

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Every big or small firms today try and put social aspects to their objectives apart from looking at making money and high profits. And Bestlife Professional Education Pvt. Ltd. is no exception. But the only difference with this ‘Sonali Scholarship’ … Read More