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The year 2016 has been a good year with lots of corporate social activities and technical projects undertaken by Bestlife. One of the major step that Bestlife has taken is in the field of Digitisation of Non-Governmental-Organisations, Social Enterprises and Educational institutions of the region.
The first step taken towards Digitisation project was giving free websites, domains and hosting to the social organisations who are working in area for the upliftment of people. This was to boost their presence and make people know the good work. Here is one among all the other projects whom Bestlife has contributed.
Child Friendly Guwahati is a project initiated under Snehalaya with the support of Child Aid Network and Kindermissionwerk in the year 2013. It was started with a Pilot Phase of 5 Motivational Centers in August 2013 under the leadership of Fr. Denis Solomon- Director and Br. Prasad Kalaparthy- Project Manager and collaboration of Civil Society Groups, Salesian Fathers and Sisters, Formal School Authorities.
Child Friendly Guwahati is very fast growth in terms of spread and reach to the corners of Guwahati city. It grew from 5 Motivational Centers to 40 Motivational Centers in every nook and corner of destitute areas in the heart of Assam- Guwahati. Almost 1700 children have been taken care of in the Motivational Centers with the purpose of educating them the regular course, counselling them and motivating them for a better, safer and brighter life. Presently now 25 Motivational Centers are running taking care of new children as well as assisting the mainstreamed children since 2013. As well 15 monitoring centers has been set up to particularly assist with tuition for the mainstreamed children.
Child Friendly Guwahati also winged towards 2 more departments- Vocational and Rescue. 473 youths have been sponsored by CFG for vocational skill training and 100 children have been rescued who were lost or found in unreal conditions. The child found in such conditions have been reintegrated with their families.


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    Great initiative. India needs more of this to ensure everyone gets equal opportunities. Well done CFG !!

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