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Sonali Scholarship

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Every big or small firms today try and put social aspects to their objectives apart from looking at making money and high profits. And Bestlife Professional Education Pvt. Ltd. is no exception. But the only difference with this ‘Sonali Scholarship’ from that of the others is that it has been inspired by Sonali herself. Sonali is 4.5 years of age. she has so deeply implanted in her parents the thought of love and support through her innocent ways. The scholarship is aimed to bring about a ray of Hope and a cause for a smile of getting an opportunity of a better future. Seeing Sonali in the smiling face of every needy girl was also one of the underlining reason to start the ‘Sonali scholarship’. The Scholarship will support girls who are struggling to complete their higher studies due to low or no source of support.

The first ‘Sonali’ Scholarship was given at Bosco Institute, Jorhat on the 19th of Aug’16 during the ‘Fresher’s Day Celebration. The first recipient of the Sonali Scholarship was Miss Jubiliancy Dkhar from the 3rd semester. The recipient was presented with an amount to support her for the 3rd & 4th Semester of the MSW course she is pursuing.

The Second Scholarship was given to two deserving girls ( Miss. Shibani Topno and Miss. Preity Soreng) from Don Bosco College

We wish all the recipient of the Scholarship to work hard and put in their best for a bright career.

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