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Today, I write this post with the hope that soon data science will help find ways to completely conquer all the deadliest disease that humanity is fighting against today.

UPI – United Press International, a leading provider of news reports that NASA data scientists are helping fight cancer. According to Brooks Hays of UPI, NASA researcher Dan Crichton said “We have examples where algorithms for detection of features in astronomy images have been transferred to biology and vice-versa,”.

human-brainIt says that NASA scientists are constantly trying to figure out ways to manage and mine the data. Many of NASA’s algorithms work by parsing massive amounts of data for anomalies that might be interesting to astronomers and physicists- they pull out the statistical or mathematical needles from the proverbial haystack.

The report also says that as scientists with NCI and NASA look ahead to the data-powered fight against cancer, new challenges await. Researchers are hoping to integrate visual recognition capabilities into EDRN’s programming.

In the future, EDRN’s machine learning algorithms could compare a patient’s CT scan to its expansive archive to zero-in on possible risks.
Also you may read about how Researchers in the universities are using expanded computing to accelerate big-data sciences in the field of medical research. How human brain adapts after long-term changes in vision using MRI images.






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