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The DataScience Cloud is a suite of end-to-end tools and solutions designed to help data scientists, engineers, and business users unlock the value of data at every stage of the data journey, from data federation to decision making.

Well, What could be one main reason that is keeping big company to stay ahead of the rest?

Yes, you are right! it is the ongoing Data Analysis that they do, building a edge for themselves. Let’s us look at data driven companies like Facebook, linked-in, big telecom-companies, investment bankers, Research companies and more… They do trend studies, play with the data and has put in place certain process to study the ongoing changes over time. However, this study for many other enterprises could be a pager, chart or just a predictive analysis report giving not enough data to study.

Data Science in today’s world of information, has changed the outlook. What companies would provide outside of the business to do analysis is now becoming an internal process. This is one reason of continuous informed management leading to competitive business decisions. The array of tools called DataScience Cloud has been launched today to enable businesses essentially get the analysis done internally through their data scientist.

With this tool DataScience Cloud, data scientists can constantly tweak and update their models as new information comes in, as well as do it in the language they prefer. This also means better and easier understanding and broader scope for learning and building models for business.

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