» » Inspiring Entrepreneur of our Time: Jack Ma of Alibaba

Inspiring Entrepreneur of our Time: Jack Ma of Alibaba

These days we often hear people say or tell us or we tell ” think out of the box” to be different. To “think out of the box” means success. But the questions we need to try and answer here is: Do everyone who think out of the box” succeed? Maybe a “Yes” to most of us and a “No” to some.
Well, the answer does depend on how much statistics we have in mind about successful people who succeeded thinking out of the box. Today I wish to write how success can come to every single person, no matter what his bank balance is
Jack Ma is the Founder and Chairman of Alibaba started the company with a mission to provide the fundamental technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses that provide products, services and digital content to leverage the power of the Internet to engage with their users and customers.
Ma comes from a very simple family background, did odd jobs, failed many times in his studies, rejected for various jobs but still he never learnt to give up. His very experience of the power of Internet as a service to mankind made him to start his journey as an entrepreneur. Today, he is not only a successful business tycoon, but a motivation for all.
This is a talk where Ma advices young people and entrepreneur on the road to a successful entrepreneur life: he says;
don’t worry of any mistakes before 20 yrs. old, be a good student, and wait to entrepreneur and learn some little experience. Before 30 yrs. old, follow somebody, go to a small company. When you go to big company, it’s good to learn processing. here you are just a part of the big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the PASSION, you learn the DREAMS. So before 30 yrs., it’s not which company you go to, its which boss you follow. A good boss teaches you differently.” Ma tells the young minds that at the age of 30-40, you need to be clearly thinking that you’re working for yourself, if you want to be an entrepreneur.
Watch this amazing life changing talk as a guideline to your success.
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