Advoca is a cloud based application for advocates and law firms. It is used to manage the case diary and expense tracker for legal cases of the clients from a single window. Advoca has modules for client management, case management, voucher entry and accounting. Advoca can be used as a Case Management Portal for the law firms. Supervisors, advocates and customers can use this portal to communicate with each other and manage the cases. Clients can also login to access the case diary and stay updated about latest developments of their cases. Advoca focuses on reducing costs, saving time and integrating and aligning your efforts with the rest of your organization, with a click of a button. Advocates can use Advoca to update the case diary and expense tracker through a simple mobile responsive dashboard. There are 4 user profiles in Advoca, viz: Administrator, Supervisor, Advocate and Client. Advoca also has a Reports module that produces nice infographic reports about case development and expenses in a pdf format.
  • Service Type Software as a Service (SaaS) for Advocates
  • Features Affordable, Cloud based, fast and reliable solution
  • Pricing Starting from Rs 100 per month
  • Website