GyanKiran LMS is a web based online education portal developed by Bestlife Professional Education Pvt Ltd (BPE). It can be used to provide an online education platform to your students/employees. Some of the features are:

  1. Secure Webcast Streaming
  2. Course Management
  3. Quiz and Exam Module
  4. Integrated Chat
  5. Online Live Tutoring
  6. E-Library
  7. Intranet based LMS
  8. Two Factor Authentication
  9. Windows Application

Video courses can be streamed using RTMP/RTMPe without revealing the video link to the user. It is a useful feature since it makes difficult to share/copy the webcast with other people. A student has to always login to the portal to view the courses. The portal uses a mobile responsive framework and works beautifully on all devices without any difficulty. More Information We offer GyanKiran as a customized portal and each application is uniquely crafted as per the requirements of the client.The pricing depends upon factors like number of users, server location, custom development etc. To get more details about GyanKiran LMS, please contact our representative at or call at+91 888 2288279.

  • Service Type Learning Management System
  • GyanKiran LMS Features Course Management, Quiz & Exam Module, Integrated Chat, Online Live Tutoring, E-Library, Intranet based LMS, Two Factor Authentication, Windows Applications
  • LMS Prices Starting from Rs.10 /user/month
  • Website

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