MyCLIP- My Continuous Learning and Improvement of Projects. It is a cloud based application for social work management. It has been designed with much care for human services organizations to manage their projects and teams through a web based interface. The application has several modules which will help agencies to measure the change that is brought to society through their efforts, with a click of a button.

Birth of MyCLIP:
The Human Service organisations’ in many parts of the world is faced with challenges that needs an immediate intervention especially in the field of technology. These organisations’ / individuals still looks at the todays Technology as sour grapes due to heavy cost or non-availability of suitable solution. Some of the main challenges that has given a thought to the evolvement of MyCLIP are:

  1. Disconnected System in data collection and loss of crucial data;
  2. No Access to real-time data;
  3. Inconvenience and disconnect in sharing data across staffs and programs;
  4. Spending inordinate amount of time on compliance and reporting;
  5. Cumbersome reporting system to clients / key stakeholders;
  6. Biased decision due to half hazard information;

Make a Difference through the continuous Learning and Improvements you contribute everyday: to measure the quality outcome of the project.


1. Cloud Based Software:

  • This will improve collaboration within the organisation at large;
  • Allows aligning of organisational goals more efficiently;
  • Efficient departmental communication;
  • Low cost of ownership;
  • Easily integrates into your existing system;
  • 2. Performance Management Solution:

  • Track the performance of your team more effectively & efficiently;
  • Show you the metrics that matter;
  • Transforms your decision making;
  • It measures the effectiveness of a program;
  • 3. It’s a multi domain:

  • Case Management;
  • Training;
  • 4. Compliance and Reporting:

  • Profile based access: admin, supervisor, team member;
  • All Reporting with infographic for more meaningful interpretation;
  • On time reporting;
  • Documents evidencing through instant uploads;
  • 5. Easy to Use;

  • User friendly interface;
  • 6. Available in Remote Areas:

    7. Cost Efficient:

    8. Above all MyCLIP is designed with a unique feature that demonstrates to the Clients / key stakeholders on the effectiveness and impact of the programs.

    • Service Type: Social Work Management Solution
    • MyCLIP Features: - Cloud Based Software - Performance Management Solution - It’s a multi domain - Compliance and Reporting solutions - User friendly - Cost Efficient - Smart Monitoring features
    • Pricing: Contact our team for details
    • Website:

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