NGOLMS is an online learning and teaching marketplace where you can learn anything from soft skills to technical lessons. The project undertaken by Bestlife Professional Education Private Ltd. in partnership with Bosco Institute Jorhat, Assam (BBNet)

It is a cloud based learning management system where recorded web sessions / learning sessions can be uploaded for secure streaming. The eLearning portal is specially designed keeping in mind the need for a timely intervention to bring about a holistic growth for individuals & social organisation. The Digital Learning comes with immense features that supports engaged learning culture to encourage and promote continuous learning.

This online learning intervention comes at a time when the learning market is flooded with information with nil tailored custom trainings for social organisation. Hence, NGOLMS is aimed to help anyone who wishes to unlock the potential within and evolve as empowered individual to positively catalyzed the society they live in. These learnings are specially made simple keeping in mind the need of the varied background of people working in the varied fields.

There are different types of Learning: Free Learning and Paid Learning.

Free Learning: these learnings are basic learnings tailored for anytime access. Once you enroll for the learnings you can complete the learning from anywhere anytime.

Paid Learning: these learnings are designed and crafted with intention to create capacity in the field of social science within organisation across different levels of management. Once you identify a course, you can make the payment using our online payment gateway and gain access to the learning.

How it works: NGOLMS is a cloud base learning platform so it works on the very formula that offers convenience in learning anytime, anywhere while they are enrolled for a course / for the course bought.

How do I enroll: There is no formal orientation required for an online learning. Once you register for a course and our team will be there to assist you.

How do I get started with the courses of NGOLMS: Once you enroll for a course and all formalities of payments are done, you will be given access to the LMS (Learning Management System) to complete the learning.


  • Secure Webcast Streaming
  • Course Management
  • Quiz and test Module
  • Integrated Chat
  • E-Library
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy and user friendly interface
  • Learning dashboard
  • Visit NGOLMS site for more information on the learnings

    • Service Type: eLearning Portal for individuals and Social Organistion
    • Cost: Varies with individual course types
    • Features: Course Management; Quiz and test Module; Integrated Chat; E-Library; Mobile Responsive; Easy and user friendly interface; Learning dashboard;
    • Website:

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