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Social Start-ups and Technology

Many studies in Indian agricultural districts have shown that tonnes of foods perishes due to improper handling, lack of on-farm weather-proof storage and Lack of refrigeration at supplier-end. While reasons are many and inflation hitting the roof, technology is also playing its part to boost young minds. there are individuals and groups who take pain to notice many go hungry without a proper square meal a day.

Today, there are many social start-ups and communities that have started to extend their time and resources to feed the hungry. These start-ups are using technology to coordinate among themselves and the donors to feed the hungry.


1. No Food Waste – This is an social start-up by Padmanaban Gopalan as 23 year-old and has 10 youngsters. The Social group has launched a mobile app with the same name on the occasion of World Food Day. The app allows to crowd source data on hunger spots in India and take request for donation of excess food. As per many reportings, the app has identified 80 spots in North alone and working from across the country. According to Padmanaban Gopalan, anyone can pinpoint a place as a hunger spot using the app and his team verifies it and updates their database.


2. Feeding India: Feeding India is also a social startup with a motive to rescue good extra food to feed people in need in a bid to end Hunger and Stop Food Wastage. The group also uses a mobile app that allows the user to fill in the quantity of food to be donated. It also allows to specify the no of people it can feed and the expected pick-up-time. Feeding India has 450 volunteers called ‘Hunger Heroes’ in Delhi who pick up and drops food across 12 zones in NCR.

3. Delhi Foodbanking: Foodbank is a streamlined system that brings together logistics, technology and stakeholders from the private, public, educational and NGO sectors to support sustained feeding, so that food reaches those that need it the most. This acts as a hub to aggregate food donated from corporations, schools and individuals and delivers directly to those that need it the most.

Their mission is to connect nutritional food with the hungry, in a systematic and technology driven process that is lean, efficient and a realizable way to end the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Quite simply, our vision is that every individual in Delhi NCR should have access to nutritious food.


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