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Data Analysis

Why is Data Analysis one of the well-known success mantra of management? Well to put it in simple and straight forward it is the soul of the management process. It is data that drives the organisation’s decision, new initiatives and ventures, assessing risks and its mitigation plan, monitoring progress and every single outcome of business and predicting its future course, etc.

To define, Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it.

There are varied fields in which Data Analysis can be applied and one of the main area is Social Sciences and Social Enterprises.

Bestlife with its past involvement and experience saw the need to train and create capacity in the field of social enterprise. Hence, started an intensive course on ‘Data Analysis for Social Work’ which is available in form of classroom and workshop mode.

One of such intensive course is being started in collaboration with Bosco Institute, Jorhat, Assam, an MSW college for its students.

Bestlife is working to build more capacity through its outspread trainings to every social and non-social organisations in the field of analytics.

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